We want readers to contribute to every issue, so that KOOKIE can be a platform for girls to be heard – as writers, artists, interviewers, photographers and all-round collaborators. Here’s how you can be part of the next issue!


Get creative — send us your drawings, paintings and photographs! We’ll publish a selection in the next issue. 
[email protected]


We love letters! Write and tell us what’s on your mind.
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Share your most embarrassing moments … we won’t tell!
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Can girls and boys be BFFs? Tell us what you think. (Submissions close 1 February 2019.)
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Change it!

Climate change – what is it, what’s the problem and what can we do about it? Share your ideas! (Submissions close 1 February 2019.)
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Unsung hero

Tell us about an unsung hero(ine) in your life, someone who isn’t famous but is very special. She could be a relative,
 a teacher, a neighbour … Who is she and what makes her so special?
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Pet pals

Send us a picture of your furry (or feathered or fishy) friend. Include a caption with your pet’s name.
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I wonder …

Are dogs colour blind? How hot is lava? Why is some art so expensive? Send us your most curious questions, and we’ll find an answer.
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Ask Cathy

Worried? Confused? Share what’s
 on your mind – Cathy can help.
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Book reviews

Do you love to read? Let us know if you’d like to be one of our book reviewers! Or write and tell us about your favourite book.
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If you would like to contribute to KOOKIE, just send us an email or write to:

PO Box 2410, LL11 0NY, United Kingdom


PO Box 1459, NSW 1335, Australia

Remember to include your full name, age and mailing address, and always send your letters in a sealed envelope. We’re sorry, submissions cannot be returned.

Get involved!